Our preferred termite treatment includes the use of Termidor termiticide.  It has a unique non-repellant technology that allows for a “Transfer Effect”, which in fact, is a trademark of its manufacturer.  This means the chemical transfers from termite to termite killing the colony, and although this may seem common knowledge to some, just a few years ago this technology did not exist.  Just a small handful of other materials claim this mechanism of action, but Termidor is the most proven.

We also use Premise, which contains imidicloprid, or an equivalent product, for some treatments, especially new construction where we can get a better coverage with the product.

For those opposed to traditional chemical treatments, the newest treatment available for termite control is as close to a non-traditional chemical treatment as you can get.  The product is called Altriset, which just came on the market within the last 1-2 years.  Although it is a liquid “chemical” by definition, Altriset’s mode of action cannot affect humans, thus it is the first termiticide product whose instruction label does not contain any signal word, such as “Caution”.  We will probably charge slightly more for an Altriset treatment compared to a Termidor treatment simply because the product is newer and has less years in the marketplace; however, it appears to be very promising.  Where mode of action is not of utmost concern, I would still probably recommend Termidor at this time because of it’s longer track record.

Intensive new construction pre-treatments are also available.