Many recurring problems can be solved simply by employing non-chemical techniques and sealing entry points. For example, with a professional-grade foam gun applicator, we can apply a precise bead and thickness of black carbon, “invisible” foam to seal gaps and holes where pests find access to your home.

Professional installation of commercial-quality weatherstripping and door sweeps can keep snakes and other critters from entering your home all year long. These products are durable for a lifetime – as opposed to the flimsy weatherstripping standard on most doors. This extra security also adds up to energy savings!

Wildlife Prevention Services

Following an inspection for all possible animal entry points, we can seal all access points and prevent animal invasions. These emergency repairs provide a neat, professional finish until permanent repairs can be made by professional carpenters.

Termite Pre-treatment

By the time you see evidence of a termite colony, severe damage has already been done to your home. Our pre-treatment service will provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is protected.  Even if your main structure has not been treated, if you are planning a new addition or a new garage, call us right before you ever break ground to discuss possible protection measures.  Unfortunately, many builders fail to adequately or properly inform their customers about the potential for termite activity in their new construction over the passage of time.  For many, it is an “out of sight, out of mind” fallacy that pays negative dividends later.  Contact us directly so we can arrange to perform the pre-treatment at the proper time before the contractor forgets.  You will know it is done properly, and not just by “someone the contractor knows” that you never see show up and never provide paperwork.