Why labels require so much liquid for termite pretreats (new construction)

Why would you short-change yourself and the property investments of our future generations for just a few hundred bucks, when there will never be another chance in history to do the job as well, or properly, as before the structure is built? – spoken from someone living in an 1887 building.


Raccoon’s Nest in the ceiling

This was a giant nest found above acoustical ceiling tiles in a medical type facility! I call it a coon nest because there were raccoons living in this attic, destroying insulation, shedding, urinating and deficating above unsuspecting heads.  Although in proximity to the raccoons, this nest may have been made by birds, I have seen […]

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Psocid Mystery Pest

Pronounced “So-Sid”, this little bugger was found in the basement of a vacation home. … Because the owners spent little time at this place (4x per year), they thought bugs would only visit occasionally.  That often turns out to be a dangerous assumption.  In this case, the homeowners couldn’t even see the bug PPC photographed […]

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Pigeons and their poop

When pigeons land on your building, they put a real poop on your spirit. Their mess and squawking cause a big eyesore to you and your guests, plus the ‘poo’ can pose serious health risks in the form of Histoplasmosis and other disease.  Air conditioner not keeping up?…

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Floor Joist – Powder Post Damage

Pictured is a section of an oak floor joist that I simply tore loose with one hand like cardboard!!  There were tens of these, and I could have easily brought out many large sections had I wished to do so.  This is always a sad situation for me to see.  Possibly the builders did not […]

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Animal Damaged Ductwork

If you have not had your crawlspace inspected during the last 12 months, here is another reason to call PPC. We were trusted to inspect this beautiful home by the daughter of the elderly homeowner.  The daughter informed us that there had been 2-3 different types of animals under her mom’s home in the recent […]

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