Meet Patrick Perry,

–Owner/Insect, Rodent and Wildlife Control Specialist

Patrick Perry-Owner-Perrys Pest Control

Patrick Perry, Owner/Pest Control Expert

People say they trust me, and that means a lot. In this day of technology, anyone can get on the internet and read about a problem & solution (including me as I read an hour or more a day). Even though I’m talented at many things other than pest control and termites (been an exterminator for years), I’ve learned what I should and should not do myself. Sometimes money saved is money wasted, and when I say that I honestly mean it, so long as you hire the right person. I have often left a sale because it was not in the best interest of the homeowner. I have a saying, in the service industry, often the person that comes to your house, for all intents, is *the* company. So don’t just go on company name, know who comes to your door. I will go a long way to make sure you are happy and feel comfortable with me around, and after years of doing this, I’m often told directly that they simply “trust me” more than the other guy. Please feel free to email me any time for advice.