There must’a be a lot of us Perrys around abouts. As some farmer said once, they’re taking over the area like cedar trees! There must be something about the name Perry & Pest, other than they both start with the letter “P”, and of course my first name is Patrick. That’s a lot of PeePee’s to remember.

I thought there was just one other family named Perry in this vast beautiful country with a pest control company when I started my own business. Since most bug tusslers don’t usually travel more than 30-50 miles for their customer base, having the same name isn’t really a problem, and I figured if something went wrong with the state inspector, I could blame it on the other family (not). But what is surprising to me, is that I’ve found at least 3 other Perry family pest control companies in other states. Business must be in the blood. My dad’s dad I never really knew real well. I called him “grand-dad”, and he was the only living grandparent I ever had.

Grand-dad passed away when I was in first grade. I remember him from the pictures and stories mostly. The picture I have in mind is a slender old, old man, with a simple western style manner of dress, white undershirt whatever he was wearing, one of those antiquated bolo-ties with a wagon on the silver part, and a really gray bit of remaining hair. He also had a folded hat midway between a cowboy and a farmer. Grandad was a cattle dealer, and a farmer, but a shrewd and wise business person as legend and truth holds. Once, he bought some cattle, and when he went to sell, he made a lot more than he anticipated. He took a bunch of the profit back to the farmer where he bought the cattle, and my dad said to me, “Next time that other farmer went to sell, who do you think he was going to call first?” This story ties in popularity to the story about grandad having to buy a bunch of perfume from one of the traveling perfume salesman of that time period in order to cover the stench from the goats. Apparently they bought a handful of goats to sell for a profit, and apparently a handful of goats turns into a whole lotta’ handfuls of goats fast, and before they could get them to the sale barn, they were a might rank, of smell, not character. The perfume was to spiff them up a bit to get them on their way to a new home, before they wore out their way, or temporary pleasant smell.

Till this day, I truly believe this and many other stories which I will only be sharing with you, like my dad so eagerly told me. After all, I have to believe them, they’re true. And as my grandad told my dad, (as relayed to me in another story), “Boy, if I tell you a rooster can pull (like a mule), you hook him up!” Best to take the adults word for it when time is of the essence and there is no reason to doubt the story.

This perfume story reminds me of a speaker I heard at the University of Kentucky’s Pest Control Short Course, aka “Big Bug Convention” for us bug nerds and business owners that is held in Lexington to 500+ top notch debuggers. Anyways, the speaker was talking about Mosquitoes after the hurricanes in New Orleans (N’Olins). He said people weren’t listening to him when he gave speeches, so he asked a school custodian what was wrong…custodian = always a good source of inside information. The man said, you gotta “doll it up a little”. That meant putting a little fun into the facts. But as the speaker said, “you can put lipstick on a pig, but that don’t make it a princess.” Hopefully my “dollin’ up” the bugs comes off a little better than it did for the pigs.

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  1. patrick November 20, 2010 at 2:46 am #

    Thanks friend, As they say, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” We’re just getting started on sharing information about critters. Sometimes I have a motor mouth, so I just have to transfer that energy into the keypad!!