My wife says I have the gift of intuition. Sometimes I don’t always follow that intuition, like yesterday when I decided to spray paint the new pvc pipes in our loft style office black…talk about a lot of dusting of overspray the next 4 hours!! But someone who I’ve had a good feeling about since minute one, was Drew Hudgins of Hudge Media. Drew is someone who you instantly know is just a good guy, but what is even better is he is extremely talented and intelligent. Being on an extremely tight advertising budget, I have to choose wisely to make my dollars count, probably like yourself. I had spent a fair amount of time working with a chain office supply store in Murray designing and printing my business cards, then waiting two weeks for them to arrive at the store. The cards were good, but like the title of the bestseller, Drew made “Good to Great” ! I was so proud when the cards, that he had redesigned for me, came straight to my door, that I hit the street with proudness and cards in hand. That is just one of the many things I’m thankful of from Hudge Media.

Drew is someone who just plain wants others to succeed, like his company. I know enough to know when I hear a smart advertising person, and Drew ranks right up there with the best. I also know Drew lives within his means, so that means to me that Drew lives at about the same standard of living as me, and that his prices are beyond fair. Better than that, though, is that even at a fair price, he’s so smart, he gets good results. I can and will write more, but this is just what I was thinking to myself right now, as I’m working at my desk. /pat