Like a lot of proactive pest control companies and business people, I’ve been listing my business contact information on various websites for free, such as on the site DexKnows. Unfortunately, one thing that hurts our local economy, is that these listing agencies are not necessarily local companies, so these outside ad agencies are competing against our local Hometown phone book, Local-Livin ads, Yellow Pages, WPSD television, or local radio stations, who are our actual neighbors and put money back into our local economy.

As a member of the Paducah Chamber of Commerce, I’m learning how important it is to try and keep what my family personally spends local, because it helps our neighborhoods. I urge people to be aware that the larger companies leverage the power of having many branches to allow them to pay for big listings on some of these search websites, whereas many excellent local business people cannot leverage this advertising potential. This is just something I’m learning as it relates to my own business, and it has caused me to reconsider how I feel about other local services I shop for based on whether or not they have the “first listing” on these outsiders search pages. Food for thought.

– Patrick Perry: Insect, Rodent, & Wildlife Control Expert.

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  1. patrick October 13, 2010 at 5:04 pm #

    One additional thought I had on this subject. The outside multi-state ad agencies are in business like the rest of them, so I’m not morally against them, and they’re just people like you and I. But we just have to realize, if we build these internet marketing organizations up, by paying to have our business listed with them, and driving out the smaller marketers, we may put ourselves where we will have few other options left to go to. In other words, we might be building up the “company store” (like in coal mining town days) where we create these giant ad agencies on the net, and we as individuals must continue to support this beast (outside ad agencies) for our own survival. If that happens, the large chain pest control companies, who may have thought they had the advantage over the smaller independents like myself, as far as advertising goes, may find that the terms of their contracts change. Once websites like Google, Yahoo, DexKnows, Merchantcircle, etc become the de-facto “go-to” source for looking up a business, they will start charging more. These big players will start being billed for all their branches, their returns on ad investment will fall back to old days. They will have the rules changed on them by the national ad agencies, and they’ll find more and more of their profits also going to support this beast. They will not have the local friend or company to go see in person about getting a fair fight in the market. Victor will go to whoever is willing to sell themselves out. The public will realize that these organizations are just selling to the highest bidder. Sales will go back to word-of mouth. We’ll go back to the “dark ages” and email will be sent on slips of paper instead of by computer…or maybe not!