Hi, This will be my first post.  I’m thinking it will be easy for me to write about different topics that will be both interesting and thought provoking to you.  I’m kind of a storehouse of useless trivia and information, but I will write in a manner to make you excited and passionate about the subject.  So whether you’re male or female, young or old, rich and penniless, I think you’ll like my slant on life.

I once believe that I was the only one who felt the way I do, but as I’ve gotten older, I simply realized I was ahead of my time by about 10 years.  I don’t mean that in any smug or arrogant way either, it’s just that I try to understand and keep up on events, so it gave me a little extra insight into what might happen with the economy and such.

I want you to know that maybe some of the things you believe may not be so crazy after all.  My talent will be my ability to appeal to you regardless of your position in life.  I will try to share who I am and how I think, without being pushy or offensive.  As I get older I try not to take myself too seriously, or too lightly, because I realize I have been wrong more and more, and right more often than I’d like.  This will be a lot more fun for both of us, because most of what we read is either sterilized, or just offensive for the sake of being offensive.  I will write based on principle, and with a compassion and care for both our enemies and friends.  I believe it’s possible for our own enemies to simply be the tools used to destroy us for our own self sins, or turning’s away from the truths.  In other words, when we look in the mirror, we’re just as much to personally blame for the world’s problems as our elected officials.  In my book, sin is sin, or you can call it a turning away from God’s wishes, or a fall from what we inherently know we should do.

Years ago, when I was in high school, I thought my identity would be that I was unique, for unique’s sake.  I wanted to stand up for the underdog, share the unshared view, and generally be different than everyone else.  About that same time, I found a mentor through the “technology” of shortwave-radio that radically changed my view of world politics.  In a nutshell, I came to believe that only a small percentage of the world’s population actually make the changes that seem to affect so many of our daily lives, and I believe that change will be a one-world totalitarian government.  Seems like a crazy idea, so crazy I was surprised, when a student at Murray State University in 1996, that I found a publication by the United States War College, entitled, “A World 2010, A New Order of Nations”.  The small booklet is basically not a “how-to”, but a listing of what will be, entailing a major reorganization of all governments on the planet.  That concerns me, not because world government might not be a good idea, but because most things done in secret turn out for the bad.  “In secret I have done nothing” – Jesus Christ.

Despite all this gloom, I was urged by a well read friend to live my life as though we have hope for tomorrow…and if we believe in Christ, and that he died for our sins, then we do have hope for a better tomorrow in Christ.  For myself, no matter what happens with our economy, I have decided that patriots will ultimately win in the end.  How you ask?  Simple.  You can always win when you redefine your definition of success.  For myself, that means seeking daily the strength to do what is right, not to cave to telling lies, doing evil or wrong, or to temptations.  If we will do what is right, and not sin against our Creator, then what does it matter if we win or lose today’s battle?  We have changed the definition of success.  So while we might battle against crazy government schemes like socialized health care in the short term, whether we win that fight or not in the short term is irrelevant, because we have won the battle if we do not sin.  I have a friend who is passed away now, and he had a good saying, “A nation, or world of people who do not have beliefs, and ideals, for which they are willing and able to die for (if need be), are already dead.”  Upon first read this may sound

After 9 years of contemplation, after working for a fairly large pest control firm, I decided to start my own pest control company.  I always wanted to keep my business small, so that I could be independent in both thought and action, abiding by high standards and high values.  I know that Perry’s Pest Control will be successful, and I know that we will be a blessing to both our customers and our community, because it is inherently in my nature.  Maybe all this stuff about how I feel isn’t the best business maker, but I think as a nation we’re too afraid to really stand for something.  I don’t want to be some crazy extremist, but I think it’s important to have some basic beliefs, and share these with our young people.  I’ve been told that “nature abhors a vacuum”.  Just one of the many ways I think that applies, for example, would be creating a generation of youth and telling them to let their own self be their own guide, without giving them basic morals and beliefs.  They can change those beliefs, choose to embrace them or choose to change them, but if we just leave them to their own devices, they will create their own gods, or their own anti-gods, their own catechisms, or lack of catechisms.  This rebellion we have today against religions and beliefs, will spawn a new religion of non-belief, and despite the hopes of it’s intellectual supporters, it will be taken up among the masses and polluted like the religions they have turned against.  It will be a force, without a guide, that will do more to destroy the world they hate than the systems they despise of their forefathers.  Simply, if we don’t give our upset youth a plan to deal with their frustrations about how we’ve run the planet the past 20-100 years, then all that will fill their souls will be simply misguided anger and hatred for everything, and it will be directed at anything that just happens to be in their way the day they show up to work with that blank stare and thirst for revenge.

– Patrick Perry, Insect, Rodent, & Wildlife Control Expert, Perry’s Pest Control