Just a little blurb about us

Hey we're here for more than just a nice - sometimes icky - place online where you can learn about us... we're here to be a resource so you can learn about THEM! Who am I talking about? THEM! All those little critters, pests, vermin, crawly things that freak you out and bring with them a world of unknowns! Head back up to the navigation and drop by one of our pages if you're wandering about THEM!

we trust PPC!

I can’t even begin to explain the thorough nature of Perry’s Pest Control. In a world where most every service ‘cuts corners,’ leaving patrons to wonder if the job really ‘got done right,’ Perry’s Pest Control rises above all competition due the the THOROUGH nature of everything they do. The inspection, the treatment, the friendliness! Everything!

D Hudgins

Friendly, prompt and THOROUGH! Just the guys you want doing pest control!

R Kitterman

When it comes to critters coming into your home space, no one can afford to mess around with a pest control service where you really don’t know about their integrity or nature of just how well they do a job. Perry’s will impress anyone!

D Hudgins